Job Description :
Skills: Strong organization skills and professional demeanor. Ability to work under pressure and manage difficult situations.

Strong knowledge of routing protocols EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, VPN, IPSEC, Multicast, VoIP, MPLS, Ether-Channel, DSCP/QoS.

Strong experience in LAN, WAN and remote access solutions.

Strong experience in deploying and maintaining routers, switches, and wireless devices.

Have experience in network management systems.

Strong analytical and organizational skills, including the proven ability to adapt to a dynamic project environment and manage multiple projects.

Experience working within the requirements of a change management system.

Knowledge of content delivery networks, be able to partner with vendors to align internal equipment and configurations to work optimally with the content delivery network.

Knowledge of cloud based computing, be able to integrate our systems optimally and seamlessly with cloud based resources.

Ability to Identify and quickly make necessary adjustments to configurations based on current web traffic behavior.