Job Description :
POSITION TITLE: Associate, Operations JOB CODE: (Comp completes)
COMPANY: Constellation Energy GRADE LEVEL: (Comp completes)
BUSINESS UNIT: Retail Operations FLSA STATUS: (Comp completes)


Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. (“CNE”) is seeking a qualified professional with proven experience and results to join our Retail Operations team as an Associate, to be located in CNE’s Houston office. CNE’s Operations team consists of multiple functional groups and associates are responsible for day-to-day execution of the functions of each group. This includes prioritizing, analyzing, and resolving system generated work queues within the CRM and Billing applications, analyzing and resolving issues, and reviewing data discrepancies while providing customer level support to both internal and external parties.

PRIMARY DUTIES AND ACCOUNTABILITIES (means principal, main, major or most important duties / accountabilities that the employee performs)

- List 3-7 primary duties of the position.
- Indicate in the far right column the percentage of time the employee will perform each duty/accountability (total should sum to 100%
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- Tasks and non-essential duties should not be included in this section.
Execute day-to-day workflow using Lodestar and Siebel. Review, analyze and resolve open work queues to enable accurate and timely service for customers and interactions with UDCs.
Provide customer level support by researching and responding to customer inquiries received from various internal groups.
Identify data discrepancies and take necessary actions to resolve, including working with other functional groups as needed.
Ensure that all Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) Key Controls and other company policies are followed. Review and comprehend UDC/ISO market rule changes and ensure system processes are following current market requirements.
Review and communicate issues to teammates and management with emphasis on customer information and system improvement opportunities.


- List the minimum/preferred knowledge, years of previous experience, skills, and abilities required to perform the position competently.
- State minimum/preferred levels of education.
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- Indicate the level of functional and business experience required/preferred.
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- Preferred: When present, reflect skills and experience distinguishably different and more valued than minimum requirements.



Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of work experience and/or education
Intermediate to Advanced skills with Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills required and Access skills strongly preferred

Ability to communicate effectively and professionally, with internal and external parties is required.
Solid analytical and problem-solving skills.
Customer service orientation, serving internal and external clients.
Excellent attention to detail.

Capable of working independently and taking ownership of responsibilities.
Strong organizational and time management skills - ability to organize and prioritize a fast-paced, heavy workload.
Ability to adapt to changing markets, systems, and processes.
Prior experience in the retail energy industry.
Lodestar/Siebel experience.


Level and depth of supervisory duties:  NA
Budget accountability, impact on asset management, and organization revenue:  No budget accountability
Level of independence, decision-making authority or strategic planning accountability: limited
Internal and external contact relationships: Mostly internal contact/relationships
Number of direct reports (Span of Control): Works under close supervision of Supervisor