Job Description :
Role: DevOps tools engineer
Location: San Francisco, CA
Position Type: Contract
Rate:60/hr on c2c

Job Description:
Need DevOps Consultant with more than 10+ Exp & Solid Knowledge of the following skills.
Candidate should have hands on experience in using Github, Jenkins, Maven, Grunt, SonarQube, Artifactory and Docker
Candidate should be able to share his/her past experience aligned with JD, should have commands, design/set-up/configuration/implementation, build automation level knowledge as per the JD

Build process:
Hand-on with Resource/artifacts/plugins etc used, Type of Target used for deployment
Build Automation process: Maven, Jenkins, GRUNT, SonarQube (knowledge of integration, plug-ins, set-up etc)

Candidate should have knowledge/experience in unit testing (after changing Maven files)
Continuous Integration – Share experience, knowdge of process, Tools used.
For example: Jenkins integration with SonarQube
List of tools/artifacts/plugin used in Jenkins/Maven

Monitoring and error tracking of continuous build process:
Set-up of monitoring Tools, how do we monitor?
Manage multple release process. (How do we handle multiple releases

Experience in usage of GIThubs, GIThub Vs TFS
Linux or Unix comands and usage
RPM Local Repository set-up (with and without internet connection), command level knowledge. For example how do we know which commands should we use to find missing Artifacts or available artifacts.
Maven - Steps to set-up, steps to deploy

Nice to have knowledge on below:
Chef, recipe and cookbook – Any scripting done on Ruby
Knowledge/experience in building mobile Apps in iOS or Android.