Job Description :
Position: Windows scripting w/Visual Basic & Powershell
Location: Yorktown Heights, NY
Duration: Long term (year plus extensions)

Skill’s: General Requirement: Windows scripting with VBScript and PowerShell

JOB Category (Skill Level): Software Engineer

Number of Candidates Required: 1

Background: Client project requires extensive Windows scripting based on PowerShell and VBScript as part of a larger solution

Job Duties:
Job Duty 1 – Collect requirements for scripts on endpoints
Job Duty 2 – Architect and implement endpoint scripts
Job Duty 4 –

Basic Skills, clearances and other elements required, in order of importance, and number of years experience, where applicable, in each skill:

1) Windows Visual Basic skills (5+ years)
2) Windows Powershell skills (5+years)
3) knowledge of Windows system events/Registry etc. (5+ years0
7) Other: Strong verbal communication skills.