Job Description :
SAP FICO (RICEF Objects) Consultant-
1 year
Location, Sacramento, CA
Phone and skype
Client is Large Life science organization

Overview: The client is a large life sciences organization that has been live within the United States on ECC 6 for about a year. They are now in the design phase of rolling that template out to Europe. They are looking for a solid and well-rounded SAP FICO consultant that works mostly on RICEF Objects.
Project Description: The consultant hired will walk right into a fast-paced, project environment and will need to hit the ground running. They will be immediately counted on to deliver for the RTR team. They will be working alongside independent consultants, consultants from the implementation partner and full time employees. They must be comfortable working within that environment. The goal of the project is to stand up the financial footprint that they have in the United States in Europe. The consultant will be focusing the majority of their time in designing, developing and recognizing RICEF Objects. Although a lot of the RICEF objects are within General Ledger (New GL), the consultant hired should have the ability and the willingness to work on RICEF objects within all areas of FICO. They will also be called upon to assist in other ways as the project dictates and so a strong background in system processing, process mapping and design across the entire RTR process is desired. Additionally, any experience working on international deployments (especially to Europe) is highly desired. The consultant will also be brought inot assist with testing as it comes up.
The consultant will also be working on identifying tables, balancing debits/credits and dealing (somewhat) with legal/tax standards in the countries they’re deploying to throughout Europe.
From a technical perspective, the consultant hired should have 10+years of SAP FICO experience. They should also have an extremely strong and wide knowledge base of RICEF Objects. The ability to design and develop RICEF objects in all areas of FICO is required. Strong communication skills are required.