Job Description :
To provide Oracle Database Administration (DBA) services to support the PeopleSoft Financial and Human Capital Management databases.
This Letter of Engagement details the services to be provided by one Database Administrator (“DBA”; “consultant” or “key personnel”) in support of all (non-production and production) environments. Work will include supporting, tuning refresh and backup of the PeopleSoft Oracle environments.
This consultant DBA will provide services for, but not limited to, the PeopleSoft Financials and Human Capital Management (HCM) Oracle databases.
The scope of this project encompasses the following tasks in Oracle 11g /12c; Red Hat Linux 5.x/6.x, Exadata and Windows environment for PeopleSoft environments:
Designing a database from a logical data model
Creating the DDL to implement and modify a database using ERwin
Sizing database tables and indexes
Designing a physical database, capacity planning, ASM storage requirements
Generating views
Optimizing and tuning SQL statements using hints, explain plan, TKPROF and StatsPack
Writing PL/SQL objects including database triggers
Executing customer created scripts, i.e. stored procedures, packages, data fixes, etc.
Setting up database replication
Setting up partitioned tables/indexes
Installing Oracle software
Creating Oracle instances
Creating and recovering Oracle databases from a variety of sources: RMAN, “cold” and “hot” backups
Monitoring Oracle databases using Oracle Grid Control
Creating/maintaining Unix Shell scripts
Documenting procedures and best practices
Responding to help desk tickets
Following established change control procedures
Setting up Oracle Data Guard or Standby databases
Supporting Oracle RAC 11gR2 databases
Supporting databases on Oracle Exadata and ZFS appliances
Automation of ZFS cloned Oracle databases
Automation of ZFS backups and restores for the Enterprise Oracle databases
Migration of databases to VMWare platform.

Throughout this contract’s duration, the consultant will coach and mentor Oracle Database Administration staff to broaden their exposure to and increase their hands-on experience. Where applicable, the contractor will transfer knowledge as follows:
Knowledge transfer by documentation (i.e. procedures and best practices Document any procedures created for monitoring and/or supporting Oracle databases. Document any process created or changed to provide support in maintaining and enhancement of the Oracle databases.
Knowledge transfer by job shadowing. Train staff on new and changed Oracle technology and/or processes

1. Five (5) years of experience as a PeopleSoft Database Administrator (DBA) on Oracle database version 11g or above.
2. Five (5) years of experience as a DBA supporting databases on Red Hat Linux 5.x or higher.
3. Five (5) years of experience writing Unix Shell scripts.
4. The candidate must have at least five (5) years of experience as a DBA supporting databases with a size of at least 500 GB.
5. Five (5) years of experience with Oracle 11g or higher:
Using Tuning Pack, Diagnostics Pack, Change Management Pack and/or Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) . Writing PL/SQL objects.
Supporting Oracle databases that utilize the RMAN backups to disk and tape.
Supporting Oracle databases using replication/materialized views.
Supporting Oracle databases using triggers.
Using Oracle database auditing utilities.

1. Five (5) years of experience writing documentation (standards, best practices, procedures
2. Five (5) years of experience designing a database from a logical data model using ERWin and creating a physical database from a logical model.
3. Five (5) years of experience supporting Oracle databases on ASM (Automatic Storage Management
4. Three (3) years of experience with Oracle Exadata and Oracle ZFS storage appliance with Oracle databases.
5. Five (5) years of experience with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) database version 11g or higher.
6. Oracle DBA 11g or higher Certified Professional (provide proof of certification

1. Experience as a DBA supporting government retirement database systems.
2. Experience with virtualizing Oracle databases.
3. Experience with Oracle Real Application Testing.