Job Description :
Oracle Database Developer
Atlanta, GA
Initial Contract" 12 Months
Phone and face to face

This position is intended to assist the Enterprise Data Warehouse team designing, developing and maintaining the database objects. This position will be required to perform ETL tasks. The position will be required to perform data analysis, performance tuning of sql queries.
The consultant will:
· Manage all aspects of physical database design and development
· Develop and maintain PL/SQL functions, triggers, stored procedures, and packages
· Support Application Teams and their projects to enhance, troubleshoot and performance tune the SQL queries
· Support Oracle Database development in Production, Test and Development environments
· Implement user authentication and validate databases security protocols across systems

· The consultant will have a cell phone with email and text capability and be on-call as scheduled or as needed
· 5+ years of experience with RDBMS like Oracle and MS SQL Server
· 5+ years of experience with PL/SQL development of functions, triggers, stored procedures, and packages
· 5+ years of experience with ETL development using tools such as Oracle Data Integrator, SAP Data Services, MS SSIS
· 5+ years of experience with in a variety of operating system environments – Solaris, Linux, Windows
· Strong experience with Oracle 11g analytic functions, query optimization, explain plans and other advanced database topics
· Strong experience with reviewing explain plans and utilizing optimizer hints
· Strong experience with data analysis, troubleshooting data issues
· Experience with Oracle Gateway
· Experience with Oracle Spatial
· Experience with dynamic statement execution, the use of bind variables, and the use of ref cursors
· Experience dealing with large volumes of data (millions/billions of rows of data)
· Possess excellent technical skills and a demonstrated ability to follow best practice SDLC methodologies
· Responsible for Unit and Integration testing.
· Responsible for troubleshooting and debugging the issues within the committed timeframe.
· Work with other members of the development team to ensure successful implementation and integration of projects.
· Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with the Architects and other team members.
· Work continuously to improve efficiency and repeatability of processes and procedures.
· Experience with data modeling and data warehousing is a plus

· Oracle certification
· Proficient with ETL Tools
· Experience with data modeling tools such as ER-Studio, Oracle Designer, etc.
· Proficient in performance tuning of sql queries
· Proficient in data analysis
· Has some experience in Database Administration
· Bachelor''s or Master''s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related area, and related project management experience

The position end date is set for the end of the Georgia DOT fiscal year. Georgia DOT may exercise the option to renew contracts in one year increments. Several successful developers have continued working for several years with contract extensions. However, Georgia DOT is under no obligation to extend contracts and may terminate employment at any time.

Skills Data Integrator Advanced 5-6 yrs Yes
Skills Data Modeling Proficient Preferred
Skills Data Warehousing Proficient Preferred
Skills Linux Advanced 5-6 yrs Yes
Skills Microsoft SQL Server Advanced 5-6 yrs Yes
Skills MS SSIS Advanced 5-6 yrs Yes
Skills Oracle Advanced 5-6 yrs Yes
Skills Oracle Gateway Proficient P:referred
Skills Oracle Spatial Proficient Preferred
Skills PL/SQL Advanced 5-6 yrs Yes
Skills SAP Data Services Advanced 5-6 yrs Yes
Skills Solaris Advanced 5-6 yrs Yes
Skills Team work Proficient Preferred
Skills Windows 9x/2000/XP/NT/Vista/7 Advanced 5-6 yrs Yes