Job Description :
We have urgent requirement of 16-00516 - Content Management Resource @ Los Angeles, CA 6+ Months contract

Job # : 16-00516
Job Title : Content Management Resource
Job Location : Los Angeles, CA
Travel Required : No
Overtime Required : No
Remote: No

Job Description :
The client requires the services of 3 Senior Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS)/Application Developer. The Consultants shall assist with the design, build, security and
support of the open source middleware stack hosted on open source and proprietary platforms.

Client will provide a fully managed web design, development, deployment and hosting service on the RedHat OpenShlft 3.0 platform. Consultants will redesign Clients websites using WordPress and a second open source CMS tool to be determined among Drupal, Liferay, and Mura CMS. There are approximately 36 websites hosted on several legacy platforms that will be redesigned and hosted on OpenShift.

Consultant(s) shall assist in the design, build, and deployment of websites and applications using agile development and hosted on OpenShift 3.0. Consultant(s) shall assist member(s) of the development team and mentor staff on open source tools and processes. Consultant(s) shall work with customers at various phases of a project. Consultant(s) shall assist with the support and maintenance of websites and applications and LAMP components via Docker.

Consultant(s) shall work closely with members of technical staff and under the direction of the Portal Development Section Manager. The Consultant(s) must provide their own laptop if the client is unable to provide one. The Consultant(s) shall assist client staff with the following:

a. Design and develop new open source CMS based websites and applications hosted on OpenShlft 3.0 (Docker)
b. Conduct POCs of new CMS platforms and open source tools
c. Recommend programming languages, frameworks, tools, CMS platforms to establish a County open source CMS and application platform
d. Establish a quality assurance (security, WCAG 2.0, responsive and usability) process for new websites prior to deployment and websites operating in production
e. Implement a maintenance (patches and upgrades) and support process and tools with an emphasis on security
f. Implement an agile development process and tools tailored for the client team
g. Implement a deployment process and tools for code and web content promotion
h. Integrate social media and analytics for website promotion and conversion tracking
i. Produce specifications, design documents, and other product documentation
j. Meet with customers to gather requirements, conduct demos, speak at user group meetings, and various phases of a website or application project
k. Advise management on new business and technology opportunities

Each Consultant(s) must meet all of the following minimum technical requirements.
1. Five (5) years of experience within the last seven (7) years performing all of the following:
a. Building and customizing open source websites, themes and plugins
b. Creating responsive and hybrid mobile websites
c. Creating desktop/responsive/mobile websites
d. Client side scripting using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
e. Website optimization
f. Producing graphic UI themes
g. Social media and analytics integration
h. SEO and accessibility compliance
i. Security compliance using Acunetix and any web application firewall (WAF) product
2. Four (4) years of experience within the last four (4) years building websites using Drupal and WordPress and administering the CMS application.
3. Twelve (12) months of experience within the last 12 months building websites using Liferay and Mura CMS.
4. Three (3) years of experience within the last five (5) years administering Apache and MySQL.
5. Five (5) years of experience within the last five (5) years in general programming using .Net, PHP Java, or Python.
6. Two (2) years of experience within the last two (2) years building websites in a Docker container.
7. Three (3) years of experience within the last three (3) installing, configuring and using open source development tools, source control tools, and build and deployment tools.
8. Three (3) years of experience within the last three (3) years installing configuring, and operating a LAMP hosting platform. D9. Two (2) years of experience within the last two (2) years bringing new or existing websites in compliance with WCAG 2.0/ARlA.
10. Provide three (3) websites or website applications samples that you completed within the last three (3) years. The samples must be viewable externally or via a URL. If not able to provide externally you can provide a write-up of what the project was about and must provide screenshots.

If called upon for an interview, candidate will be required to provide references.

Partial months of experience will not be accepted as a full year.

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