Job Description :
Title: Data Warehouse Architect
Location: Austin, TX
Duration: 1040 hours
Interview: Phone/Skype

This solicitation is for an Enterprise Data Warehouse Architect for Information Quest (IQ), the enterprise data warehouse team for UTAUSTIN, under the auspices of the Administrative Systems Modernization Program 2.0 (“ASMP 2.0” ASMP 2.0 is a program comprised of several projects aimed at modernizing UTAUSTIN’s administrative systems, business processes, data management, and technical architecture. A key part of ASMP 2.0 is the Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) implementation of the Workday HCM/Payroll and Financials modules.

The Worker shall work on the IQ enterprise data warehouse team as part of the Administrative Systems Modernization Program 2.0 and related initiatives. Work with IQ''s ETL (extract/transform/load), BI (business intelligence), and DBA (database administrator) teams to develop a target architecture, bridging strategy, developing dimensional models and reporting structures to support current and projected reporting and data requirements.

The Worker will work collaboratively with the IQ team to create, manage, and modify logical and physical, online analytical processing (OLAP) data models using Kimball and related data modeling philosophies and techniques. The Worker will mentor other members of the team in Kimball OLAP techniques and best practices. The Worker will also work closely with database administrator(s) to establish and maintain highly resilient, scalable and high performance architecture when the data model is implemented physically on the target databases.

The Worker will identify and analyze data discrepancies and data quality issues and work to ensure data consistency and integrity. The Worker will take an organization-wide view of the business and its data, (e.g. maintain re-usable or enterprise data models) while providing detailed project-specific modeling and analysis support. Perform performance monitoring and query tuning as needed. Thoroughly document developed solutions and communicate knowledge to team to ensure continuity and maintainability.

Organizationally, the Worker will be part of the Information Quest team.

Terms and Conditions: Worker must pass a background check.


Minimum (Required): insert specific minimum skills for this Contract Position)
Actual Years Skills/Experience
5 Experience architecting large scale enterprise data warehouse systems with increasing scope and responsibility using the Ralph Kimball data warehouse development methodology
8 Experience designing, building and implementing dimensional, online analytical processing (OLAP)data models and data marts from an enterprise perspective.
3 Experience mentoring other data modelers in the application of Ralph Kimball data warehousing OLAP techniques and methodologies
5 Experience developing enterprise data warehouses using Agile iterative and incremental development methods.
8 Experience with online transactional processing (OLTP) data modeling (conceptual, logical and physical data model design) and metadata management. Experience designing tables and views for efficiency, flexibility, maintainability and performance.
8 Experience with ERwin, Embarcadero, or comparable data modeling tools.
8 Experience working with relational databases (RDBMS) such as Oracle, SQL Server etc.
8 Professional experience working with Business Analysts and business users to model data requirements based on complex business needs across multiple information domains.
5 Experience with reporting/analysis tools such as IBM Cognos, Business Objects, Microstrategy, Tableau, etc.
Strong Verbal and written communication skills.
Strong Analytical and problem solving skills with ability to clearly articulate solution alternatives.
Strong Attention to detail, seasoned judgment and experience to anticipate business needs.
Strong Ability to embrace change, adapt to the unexpected, and focus energies, people, and solutions on practical and positive results.
Degree Equivalent combination of relevant education and experience may be substituted as appropriate.

Preferred (Optional): insert specific preferred skills for this Contract Position)
Actual Years Skills/Experience
8 Experience architecting large scale enterprise data warehouse systems with increasing scope and responsibility using the Ralph Kimball data warehouse development methodology
5 Experience validating enterprise architectures using recognized frameworks such as Zachman or TOGAF.
3 Experience building Master Data Management (MDM) solutions.
5 Experience with data modeling in an Oracle environment.
5 Experience with resolving data anomalies and conducting data integration analysis.
5 Experience creating dimensional data models and data marts with human resource, payroll and financial data.
3 Experience with data profiling techniques and tools.
3 Experience working in higher education.
3 Experience with ETL tools; especially IBM InfoSphere Information Server version 8.7 and higher.
3 Experience in writing and maintaining complex SQL and PL/SQL scripts.
1 Experience working with Workday ERP software.