Job Description :
What are the top 5-10 responsibilities for this position? (Please be detailed as to what the candidate is expected to do or complete on a daily basis)
- Perform Sonar Upgrades
- Assist Continuous Delivery Engineers with the integration of Sonar scans into the Java and .NET automated builds.
- Troubleshoot Sonar Scan related issues and open Issues with the vendor as necessary.
- Assist application teams in understanding Technical Debt and how to reduce it.
- Assist application teams in the Integration of Sonar processes into their local IDEs (Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc
- Assist the Language specific Sonar Rules committees as needed.

What software tools/skills are needed to perform these daily responsibilities?
SonarQube Administration and Usage, Understanding of Java and .NET build technologies, Maven

What skills/attributes are a must have?
SonarQube, Strong Understanding of Code Quality, Self Motivated, Great Communication Skills

What skills/attributes are nice to have?
.NET Build TEchnologies
Java Build Technologies (Maven/Ant)