Job Description :
Note: This is remote position work from home opportunity

Minimum Requirements:
Extensive experience and ability of 5+ years in:

Tier 1
1. JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, and other
2. Managing, developing and deploying complex JavaScript solutions (5+ years)
3. Deep understanding of how web analytics code translates into reporting
4. The ability to do deep-dive analysis to troubleshoot implementation or reporting issues
5. Developing & managing technical solutions through a Tag Management System, preferably Tealium or equivalent

Tier 2
1. Deep understanding & experience using Google Analytics Premium, Google Analytics IQ certification preferred
2. The ability to translate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs / Business Requirements) into analytics code
3. Experience implementing optimization/testing code (A/B, multivariate, personalization, etc, preferably using Adobe Target or equivalent
4. Various web analytics tools, preferably Google Analytics Premium or equivalent
5. Experience working directly with customers on analytics/tagging projects from start to finish

Tier 3
1. Experience with media tagging and data management platform integrations
2. Validate & troubleshoot analytics tracking code in multiple environments, browsers, and/or platforms
3. Experience creating/maintaining technical & process documentation
4. Experience with Agile development methodology

Service is managing measurement and personalization capabilities across hundreds of sites. Team has a lot of skills in house – weakness and need is in the area of personalization.
Using Google Ex premium for analytics and Tealium for tag management.
Will support the tag measurement application that was built.
Close to a million pages on
Candidate needs tag management system experience.
Core skills: personalization space – Adobe Target (tool being used - Premium or Standard) at advanced level – this is REQUIRED.
Strong developer background – can write code. Experience with front end technology – Java script frameworks like J query – MANDATORY.
Don’t want strictly a developer who just executes tasks they are given – candidate needs to be a little more senior or someone who has taken on responsibility.
Would like to hand off user stories so they can follow-up on business, determine strategy and execute.
Well rounded individual with business acumen.
Profile scripts, offline data upload, integration with other products. HTML5 is mandatory because all content is responsive web design content (CSS techniques
Tier 1 skill set – need someone more dedicated to personalization and A/B testing, multi-variate, integration with other tools.
This may become a full-time position so if the candidate also has measurement skills (supporting complex implementation, javascript) this will make them even more viable to take on work within the group based on demand.
Will allow resource to work remotely.