Job Description :
Senior Python Scripter
Location: Portland, OR (Remote)
Visa: USC, GC
Interview: Phone & Skype

Need at least 2 managerial references with company email ID

Looking for a Python script running on a Linux OS that will take a user input and do two things based on that input:

Print a barcode label.
Display an engineering drawing for the operator as a reference guide for the placement of that label.
Hardware portion of the solution:

Raspberry Pi B+
7” touch screen
Zebra printer
Bar code reader
No mouse or keyboard envisioned for final solution. User entry is accomplished via barcode reader.
Yet to be determined:

The file type of the drawing file.
Whether the drawing file will be accessed via a Windows file share or based on a database query.
If based on a database query, what that database will be but most likely a NoSQL JSON database via Azure’s DocumentDB service.
Already in place:
Hardware as described above
Python script accepting user input and printing a barcode label based on that input