Job Description :
No of positions: 1

Last date to submit: 03/04/2016

Location: Washington, DC

Complete Description:

A Data Architect to work with stakeholders to build a holistic view of the organization''s strategy, processes, information, and information technology assets, to ensure that the business and IT are in alignment. The position will work across organizational and computing "silos" to drive common approaches and expose information assets and processes across the enterprise. The Architect will optimize information management approaches through an understanding of evolving business needs and technology capabilities, provide long-term strategic responsibility for the company''s IT systems and promote the shared infrastructure and applications to reduce costs and improve information flows to ensure that projects do not duplicate functionality or diverge from each other and business and IT strategies, Internet applications and development, software development, and related fields. Architect will also fully document the processes and procedures for data manipulation to include data interfaces both external and internal, transformation procedures and targets and reporting requirements.

Required Skill :

10 years of Experience aligning IT strategy and planning with company''s business goals.
5 years of Experience shipping highly scalable architecture solution that supports mobile and web
5 years of Strong experience with SQL 2005 and above
8 years of Strong experience as a Database administrator
5 years of Expert knowledge of REST API design and development, Java/Java EE and related tech stack, Spring Framework, Database, RESTful APIs, SOA, ESB, message
5 years of Expert knowledge of message queuing, Sockets and JavaScript frameworks, NodeJS, iOS (Objective C, iOS SDK); Android (Android Framework, Java); Hybrid
5 years Experienced in web technologies with mobile app design experience
2 years of Experience with emerging DaaS (Database as a Service)
7 years of Strong Software development experience.
5 years of Experience with large complex data sets
4 years of Communication skills, both written and spoken, business level English mandatory