Job Description :
Resident Storage Management Engineer

Sandston, VA

3 months


The client is implementing a Storage as a Service model and requires a NetApp engineer to help with this implementation. The client has never done this before and needs assistance navigating the setup and creation of such a model.

They manage just over 1.5PB of data, excluding NOVA Community College. NetApp is responsible for over 45% of their storage and plays a major role in their decision making process. This person would have to be able to educate and apply best practices for the client.

Although there are three data centers, the resident would work out of the main office in Richmond, VA called QTS. Our goal is to help them implement a successful Storage as a Service model and help them navigate the risk that comes from doing this.

The ideal employee should be somewhat assertive in stating their opinion as it applies to the adherence to best practices. The client runs a full suite of software. This person should have some familiarity with the application of varies service levels, WFA, SnapManager, SnapMirror, Replication and Multi-Tenacy. There will be an array installed at Equinox in Vienna, VA and an additional data center in Roanoke, VA.


Competency Name Minimum Years Competency Preferred

NetApp Certification - NCIE-SAN 2yrs Intermediate True

NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) 2yrs Intermediate True

NetApp Clustered Data OnTap 3yrs Intermediate True

NetApp Data OnTap 7-mode 5yrs Intermediate True

SnapMirror 4yrs Intermediate True

Storage Management best practices 5yrs Intermediate True

Storage Operation – Daily management of storage 5yrs Intermediate True

Strong verbal and written communication skills. 5yrs Intermediate True