Job Description :
Windows Admin (with Linux)
Location: Fremont, CA.
Typical hours – 3pm – 2am 4 days a week. There is a rotation and there is flexibility.
Duration: 3-6 month CTH

?T?op 3 :

1. Linux/ Windows Server (20% Linux 80% Windows)
2. Active Directory
3. SQL

About 80% of the systems will be windows server based in some fashion, and the linux portion is all contract supported systems that needs relatively simple administration experience, but nothing heavy. Active directory, LDAP, cisco networking, vmware, and office stuff like printers and phones are more the bread and butter of the position.

Need someone that has some degree of experience or inclination for the machine side of things – the automation, the PLC, the sensor, the logic processor, et c. Understanding that and the relationship to the software that controls it and the hardware it connects to and runs on, and their effect in the real world once a machine is engaged and a motor is running is the super difficult thing that we’ve continually run up against.

Last candidate did the following work:

Windows/Linux Administrator
* Migrating host file based naming to server based forward/reverse DNS
* Windows Server management (SQL, AD, DHCP, Access, Shares and Permissions)
* Workstation software dependence and conflict management, user provisioning
* Refactoring ad hoc and incorrect wiki and Visio documentation
* Complex electrical, mechanical, computer system diagnostics

· Provide support for Linux and Windows production servers in a 24/7 environment – 20% Linux 80% Windows
· Maintain production, test and development machines
· Manage, maintain and troubleshoot workstations, servers and infrastructure in a manufacturing environment
· Diagnose application errors and maintain a production environment with maximum up-time and stability in a very time sensitive environment
· Configure system and network parameters
· Troubleshoot complex Cisco network,
· Administer network workstations, including Windows and Linux- based systems
· Assist with installation of network infrastructure, embedded systems and control technologies used in factory automation
· Monitor stability and performance of key systems
· Write comprehensive documentation
· Design and implement database reports using standard tools such as Crystal and Jasper Reports

Minimum Requirements:
· 5 year minimum experience in a production environment (24x7)
· 2 + yrs exp Linux Servers (Debian-based or SuSE)
· 4 year Windows Servers (2003 and later)
· 2 year minimum experience administrating Active Directory (including GPO/GPP)
· 1 year minimum experience administrating HP Data Protector, Symantec BackupExec and similar enterprise backup software.
· 1 year minimum experience administrating VMware ESXi 4.0 or later
· Scripting – any language is sufficient. Will need to write basic scripts at times
· Understanding of Storage Technologies.
· Experience with MSSQL and/or MySQL administration and maintenance. – Writing basic sql queries
· Experience with Disaster Recovery or Site Recovery best practices