Job Description :

Visa status: U.S. Citizens and those authorized to work in the U.S. are encouraged to apply.
Tax Terms: W2, 1099.

Resource Requirements - TPM
Technical Project Manager (TPM)
Required Technical
Minimum of 5 years experience managing network implementation projects
Background in the financial services industry
Aptitude for chairing productive objective-oriented meetings, with clearly documented key points & actions
Aptitude for managing technical staff in a dynamic matrixed working environment
Aptitude for managing demanding clients, and managing/resolving conflicts
Able to work weekends, and to attend global meetings outside of traditional US working hours
Required Project Management
Understanding of L2 frame & L3 packet concepts
Understanding of TCP/IP addressing & behaviour and the OSI Model
Understanding of routing protocols (OSPF, BGP), ip multicast, quality-of-service, spanning-tree
Familiarity with Arista and Cisco Nexus platforms

TPM Skillset and Proficiencies
Track & report project activities, including but not limited to project management/reporting via Clarity & dbSymphony
Provide regular & ad-hoc detailed and timely updates to DB management
Track & report project variance
Oversee & manage day to day activities of Network Deployment Engineer(s)
Manage collaboration with Network Design Engineer(s) throughout implementation
Manage vendor staging of new network equipment
Provide timely and accurate publication of all project deliverables owed by network deployment engineer, which include but are not limited to the following:
Unit Assembly Templates
Staging Documents
Device Configurations per DB network standards
New and/or updated Network Diagrams
Copper/fiber Patching Schedules
Rack Elevation drawings
Receiving support for equipment deliveries
Change Validation Documents (CVDs) for each network change
GCM Requests
Performance of Network Transition Events (GCMs)
Performance of network steady-state certification for each change (COSI - Configuration & Operational Status Integrity)
Performance of network failover certification for each change (FOT - Fail Over Testing)
Netbase updates
Coordination of NMS updates
Next business day support for each change
Project closure activities
Coordinate between Networks organization and other DB stakeholder/contributor organizations.
Oversee delivery of installation & cabling activities
Maintain and reconcile equipment inventories
Manage timely submission of GCM requests
Manage timely issuance of change notifications
Manage coordination and delivery of all project services, as described by Project Description above.
Chair a change/testing bridge for each Network Transition Event (ie GCM)
Coordinate with service and application testers to certify new network before, during and after each change
Manage & participate in next business day support for each change
Perform Project Closure Activities
Responsibilities (KPIs)
Create, and secure appropriate signoff for, all network deliverables produced or updated during the project
Implement all networking systems delivered during this project based on DB network standards
Comply with all DB standard network deployment practices while implementing this project
Represent all network implementation activities that involve the DB production network that are performed throughout this project at weekly change review meetings
Conduct weekly project status meetings, publish weekly status reports and provide accurate and timely status updates to the DB stakeholders
Meet all target dates as detailed in the project schedule
Manage certification of steady-state and failover operation of networking systems before, during and after each migration and ensure updated infrastructure appropriately turned over to Network Operations and Network Management
Turn-over all documentation created or updated during this project to our Client
Manage the delivery of all requests according to agreed scope & agreed due dates
Monitoring Mechanism
Weekly status meetings
Ad-hoc or regularly scheduled team or effort-driven meetings or discussions
Project Schedule
Scheduled & unscheduled verbal and written updates
Follow-up with other teams, and with the other GTP ULL StoreFront resources responsible for technical delivery of all efforts
GCM change requests
iServer publications
SharePoint publications
Per-change conference bridges
Assumptions / Caveats
It is assumed all network design responsibility will be owned by DB Network Engineering
It is assumed that DB will provide access to relevant departments for questions in relation to Solution Design
It is assumed that weekday and Saturday work windows will be approved by the business for all change events identified in the project scope
It is assumed that all third parties and change approvers will honor all requests for change windows
It is assumed that networking equipment will be available within 30 business days of purchase order
It is assumed that all resources will have reasonable weeknight & weekend access to all collocation facilities during installation, cabling, certification and integration activities.
DB is responsible for ensuring:
All copper and fiber distances are within the necessary published specification
Any copper or fiber cabling is used in accordance with the relevant standard.
If required safety testing of all power leads is the responsibility of DB
It is assumed the customer site meets relevant health and safety standards.

All changes are to be tested & certified during implementation. DB will provide standard implementation documents known as CVDs (Change Validation Documents) and verification checklists known as COSI-FOTs (Configuration and Operational Integrity and Failover Testing which can be tailored for all projects applied to it.
Risks / Issues
Contracts will not be completed in time to execute critical project actions (eg orders)
Network equipment will not be delivered by the due dates defined in the project
Circuits will not be delivered by the due dates defined in the project schedule
Physical services provided by co-location partners (eg space, racks, power, grounding, HVAC, security) will not be delivered by the due dates defined in the project schedule
Connectivity and dependency on external clients and regulators for vendor circuits and hardware will not be delivered in time to meet the timeline demands of the project schedule
DB management will constrain change window opportunities (eg outage, market volatility, etc)
A third party will constrain change window opportunities (eg system/facility maintenance, etc)