Job Description :
Information/Knowledge Architect

1 year

White Plains, NY

Purpose of the job:

To support, develop, and lead specific projects within the knowledge management department

Job Functions:

Candidates will be called on to perform some or all of the tasks indicated below:

Facilitate and monitor the use and improvement of common knowledge management (KM) processes and approaches across the organization.

Work with business leaders, KM stakeholders, and KM agents to identify areas of opportunity and gaps in knowledge flow.

Monitors and reports progress of KM projects to the knowledge management leader.

Monitors the effectiveness, maintenance, and use of IT tools and systems as they apply to KM and implements improvements.

Helps disseminate information about the organization’s KM program to internal and external audiences, including organizing knowledge sharing events; coordinates

Required Skills:

Candidates must have experience in the skills indicated below:

Deep understanding of technology trends that may impact the organizational roadmap.

Ability to foresee opportunities to capitalize on existing and emerging technology investments to further organizational goals

Deep understanding of content management and content strategy principles.

Strong group facilitation skills. Ability to cascade enterprise level change to business units

Ability to identify and counteract resistance to change

Ability to identify and disseminate best practices


Candidates must possess experience in most (if not all ) of the activities indicated below:

Applying and supporting knowledge management tools in effecting culture, organizational behavior, and business processes.

Developing and supporting change management programs.

Introducing best practices leading to organizational effectiveness.

Designing KM use cases for content management and collaboration software systems.

Conducting resistance assessment and developing interactions to mitigate resistance

Facilitating groups to achieve consensus on shared objectives and common messaging such as surveys, interviews, and workshops.