Job Description :
Knowledge in Technical areas of Operating Systems (Windows 2003, 2008, 2012),VMware vCenter, SRM, vSphere, Active Directory 2010, IIS, .NET and Citrix for windows server
Install and support of the server operating system, system management software and operating system utilities.
Manage the operating system configuration including initial server configuration, modifying configuration files, system configuration documentation and access to system configuration files
Manage operating system file systems including creating, maintaining and deleting volumes and directory structures, modifying file system sizes, verifying mount point availability, repairing defective file systems and modifying file system permissions
Manage Operating System Processes (e.g., continuously running system subtasks, or daemons) including refreshing processes as required, establishing startup sequences, maintaining system clock synchronization and changing process priorities as appropriate
Recommend operating system updates and configuration modification
Maintain standard and critical tools
Implement corrective actions approved through Change Management Process
Manage System IDs
Remediate findings from security health checks
Adhere to standard security processes and procedures (Does not include User ID Admin)
Support trusted third party security servers authentication
Create and modify system login/logon scripts
Assign account, workgroup and print managers
Installation of print drivers and definition and management of print queues
Administer file system directory distribution and replication
Perform installation, initial configuration and OS level support of antivirus client software.