Job Description :
Job Title: Software Report Engineer.

Location: Austin, TX

Minimum Requirements:

· Require design and implementation of reports and letters.

· Create reports and queries on a moment''s notice to respond to frequently changing customer requests.

· Be able to thoroughly analyze the business domain model and be able to efficiently extract appropriate data in readable formats for end users.

· Analyze requirements for enhancements to existing reports and provide feedback (feasibility analysis, impact on business operations, etc to IT management.

· Must have excellent communication, analysis, and design skills.

· Experience coordinating production support activities of a team, with focus on timely and

Curate resolution of issues.

· Research and correct problems identified during testing.

· Assist in producing technical documentation.

· Perform as liaison to end users as needed.

· High School Diploma/ GED.

· Minimum 1 year experience designing and writing reports using Jaspersoft (5 and above) technologies.

Preferred Requirements:

· Three years’ experience working with multiple key relational database management system (RDBMS) platforms and related tools such as SQL Server, Oracle , MySQL and/or DB2.

· Experience going back to Jasperserver 5.2 and above is preferred.

· Strong data analysis ability extremely important.

· Strong development and skills with creating reports and letters for delivery to customers.

· Development in Windows and UNIX (Linux Red Hat) preferred.

· Ability to take requirements, analyze current reports and either modify a currently existing report or create a new report from scratch.

· Ability to analyze and program all facets of the report - the query creation and validation, programming to run the query and properly manage the data, and formatting the output of the actual report.

· Ability to write raw SQL queries on the fly and distribute the results in any number of formats.

· Knowledge of creating dynamic SQL in order to reuse reports.

· Ability to take requirements and create documentation for reporting changes, new reports, new database structure requested, etc.

· Ability to write queries to validate data on reports when questioned by users.

· Practical experience with SVN, branching, merging.

· Ability to coordinate and prioritize multiple projects, and shift rapidly between them.

· Ability to take initiative and work independently and also as a team member in a fast-paced environment.

· Ability to communicate effectively within a team environment.

· Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.

· Commitment to continuing professional development.