Job Description :
Visa status:
U.S. Citizens and those authorized to work in the U.S. are encouraged to apply. We are unable to sponsor at this time.

Location: Boca Raton, FL preferred. Alternate locations are Aurora CO and Dallas TX.

Duration:3 months

A Data Power Engineer is required to review, design, and implement a solution that encompasses:
1. Installation and Configuration
2. High Availability with Active/Active Configurations
3. Authentication and Authorization (AAU, AAZ)
4. Domain Management
5. Training and Documentation
Client''s new Data Center is called Panda. Panda will house the primary appliances of Data Power. Currently, the primary instance is located in our JAX Data Center. Our KNX and JAX Data Centers will be an active/active configuration with Panda. JAX is scheduled for decommissioning 2016/2017.
The Engineer will review the current implementation of Data Power. From that review, the Engineer will:
1. Identify deficiencies in the current design
2. Define the new design
3. Implement the new design
The Engineer, working with members of Client''s Operations Production Support(OPS) team will implement the design. The implementation will provide the following:
1. Complete the installation and configuration of Data Power appliances in Panda and KNX
2. Implement High Availability and Active/Active configurations (Panda, KNX, JAX)
3. Implement Authentication and Authorization services to LDAP and Active Directory (Panda, KNX, JAX)
4. Domain Management across Data Centers (Panda KNX, JAX)
The Engineer will be responsible for training OPS team members. The Engineer will document all process and procedures, by following or enhancing Client''s best practices for documenting.
The time line for the completion of the project is as follows:
Week 1
1. Review current architecture and configurations
2. Identify deficiencies in design
3. Discuss deficiencies with the OPS team
4. Begin new design
Week 2
1. Document Design
2. Present Design to the OPS team
a. End to End
b. Failure point analysis
c. Problems/solutions
3. Obtain approvals
Weeks 3 - 7
1. Implementation
a. Development Environment (if required)
b. Test/Performance/Staging Environment (if required)
c. Production Environment
d. Monitoring and notification of component failure
e. Monitoring and notification of capacity issues
f. Daily/Weekly/Monthly capacity reports
i. Throughput
ii. Appliance and VM thresholds
g. Component failover test of design
h. Disaster Recovery test of design
Week 8
1. Training of OPS team in support of the design
2. Complete additional documentation required for turnover
The expected deliverables of the project are as follows:
1. Data Power installed, configured, and using the recommended firmware version by the vendor
2. Fully functional Authentication and Authorization services with Active Directory and LDAP
3. Fully Functional Domain Management across three data centers
4. High Availability and automated failover when any component fails
5. Active/Active configuration so all components can service requests
6. A fully tested implementation that covers
a. Component failure
b. Data Center failure
c. Monitoring triggers
d. Notifications
e. Documented Solutions
7. Reporting Capabilities
a. Daily/Weekly/Monthly capacity reports
i. Throughput
ii. Appliance and VM thresholds
8. Trained Client members that can accomplish day to day support
9. Documentation
a. Overall architectural design and flow
b. Failure points and solutions (components/data center)
c. Monitors and solutions
d. Reporting
e. Production Readiness check list (Client supplies)