Job Description :

Responsible for design, development, maintenance, testing, and quality and performance assurance of system software products. Work within this job classification falls into three major categories:

(1) Maintenance and enhancement. Makes changes to system software to correct errors in the original implementation and creates extensions to existing programs to add new features or performance improvements.

(2) Major enhancement and new product design. Designs and develops major functional or performance enhancements for existing products, or produces new software products or tools.

(3) Quality and performance assurance. Reviews requirements, specifications and designs to assure product quality; develops and implements plans and tests for product quality or performance assurance.

The subcontractor will support all phases of the system life cycle for software development.

The subcontractor will design of a new interface between the Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO) and Total Army Personnel Database (TAPDB) applications that will apply updates to the eMILPO and TAPDB databases concurrently in real time.

The subcontractor will analyze the current interface between the Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS) and TAPDB and the interface between the Total Officer Personnel Management Information System (TOPMIS) and TAPDB.

The goal of the analysis will be to determine how to block updates from EDAS and TOPMIS into TAPDB for a defined set of data elements.

The subcontractor will also develop and test java software. The subcontractor will have significant experience with java development in a J2EE environment.

The AHRS development team leverages JDeveloper to write software for the eMILPO application, and the subcontractor should have some experience with this tool.

The subcontractor should have extensive experience with database development, including the development of database objects (e.g., stored procedures, functions, and views), and understand transactional processing of records within an Oracle database.

The subcontractor should also have strong verbal and written communication skills. Five year’s experience with java and PL/SQL.

*US citizen.

*DoD Secret Clearance Required

*The pay rate for this job position is $51.63 per hour.

*This job position is located in Herndon, Virginia.