Job Description :
Job Title: HANA Security Architect
Start Date: 1/4/2016
End Date: 6/30/2016
Location: Santa Clara, CA.

Job Description:

The candidate should be a strong team player and have the ability to work independently.
The job description of the consultant is as follows.

- Experience designing and implementing security for SAP HANA
- Experience Creating customized roles in HANA DB for Developers, Modelers, Technical Admins, End Users, Power Users.
- Design, Restrict and Control authorizations for HANA DB objects and Packages/Contents based on System Privileges, Objects Privileges and Analytic Privileges for various Schema Users
- Define controls to restrict Create, Drop, Alter other DB Admin rights on HANA DB Schema and its objects
- Design transportation of Security Objects/Roles within HANA Landscape
- Define user creation and Role assignment processes
- Set up password policies
- Create Groups in BOBJ Server for different type of Users (Admins, Managers, Developers, End Users etc)
- Define and Control access to various Folders
- Setup SSO with AD or LDAP for SAP, Enterprise and other types of Authentication
- Define & Control access at Object level for different types of BOBJ Reports (Full control, View, Schedule, View on Demand)
- Transportation of Security objects within BOBJ Landscape
- Integration of BOBJ Security with HANA DB Security Roles