Job Description :
Visa status:
U.S. Citizens and those authorized to work in the U.S. are encouraged to apply. We are unable to sponsor at this time.

Remote Work-Partial

Security Solution Portfolio
McAfee IPS (Intrusion Prevention)
AirTight (Wireless Security)
We require an L3 Technical resource who is a subject matter expert in the 3 technologies listed (first two high priority and must haves, 3rd i.e. AirTight would be ideal The resource will be responsible for all design and documentation development including runbooks, HLD/LLD''s, site config templates, etc.
In addition to the above mentioned activities the following is expected also: The Technical Consultant will provide leadership, oversight, and escalation of the following technical activities, to be coordinated through the Dimension Data project management team for fulfilment leveraging Dimension Data in country resources:
Step Test Validation
1 Verify that remote device can communicate to management console See remote device in management GUI
2 Verify that syslog feed is captured and parsed by remote device GUI displays all remote security device sources
3 Verify that netflow feed is captured and parsed by remote device GUI displays all remote network and security device sources
4 Verify that alerts are generated for syslog and netflow feeds Configure test alert that matches device feed

McAfee IDS
Step Test Validation
1 Verify that device is connected to NSM or management console and policies can be applied Show device in NSM and record policy version number
2 Verify that device monitoring ports receive target data Show network PCAP data via NSM
3 Verify policies match security operations Show policy in management GUI

Step Test Validation
1 Verify access point can reach regional management console Show Client in management GUI
2 Verify access point is on trunked network VLANs Show network VLANs on access points on screen capture
3 Verify access point can see SSID Show SSID in management GUI
4 Verify regional console receives wireless policy via SNMP Show wireless network user access in management GUI
5 Verify local site maps are configured in the management GUI Show site maps in management GUI
you can reach me at murali at keylent dot com or 4 0 7 4 0 1 7 7 1 8