Job Description :
Key skills required: Understanding of email concepts. Knowledge of Exact Target. TCL and/or other shell programming, Java/J2EE programming experience strongly recommended. Ability to solution and architect in the email and services domain is a requirement. Understanding / capability to write J2EE services, understanding XML, CSS coding, XHTML, as well as extensive experience coding fort cross browser and cross email compability. Familiarity with Ironports, email scanning, secure emails, web, rules engines, data migration tools such as Informatica and Data Stage, data warehouse reporting, and document management will be key within this role. Hands-on technical experience in these are not mandatory, but a high-level understanding for solutioning and technical project management purposes will be very useful. Experience managing and coordinating large, complex projects across many teams from a technical perspective is required. Ability to perform business analysis is a plus as well. Tasks and Responsibilities: Additional info: Will assist with project setups for new e-delivery communications Troubleshooting and debugging for testing effort support Coordinate cross-platform solutions for key e-delivery functionality Assist with business analysis of e-delivery requirements and business needs Provides comprehensive production and development support, including problem definition, ticket documentation, and customer support Resolves application and technical problems through rigorous testing and problem identification/solution Participates in larger project teams, and at more senior levels, leads these teams Assist in the development & ongoing evolution of an IT Architecture that balances current needs and positions for future needs.