Job Description :
Duration: 6 months

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Description: Data Architect is responsible for overseeing the design and support of logical and physical data models. This includes models developed in support of a global data warehouse and reporting databases as well as transactional Architect will be responsible for all deliverables associated with the models, including source to target mappings and data dictionary. Architect will also support development, testing, and production of the data warehouse.Knowledge/Skills Required:

Extensive experience using Erwin to create logical and physical data models and maintain the traceability from the logical to various physical models.
Extensive experience building large Data Warehouses and back-office systems.
Knowledge of and experience applying data modeling techniques and best practices.
Experience working with and supporting ETL and Front-End development teams.
Strong RDBMS experience: Netezza, Teradata, and Oracle preferred.
Ability to write complex SQL needed to investigate data issues, repair damaged data, and migrate data to new structures.
Familiarity with tuning and performance optimization techniques.
Excellent written and oral communication skills, including use of Excel for presentation of data and mappings.
Demonstrate Complete System Development Life Cycle experience for large scale complex projects with Oil and Gas Industry.
Ability to work independently under strict deadlines.
Major Job Duties and Responsibilities:
Develop or enhance standards for logical and physical model development.
Develop or enhance templates and quality standards for modeling team deliverables such as mappings and technical specs.
Develop and maintain logical data models.
Transform logical models into physical database designs for transactional databases, staging areas, data warehouses, and data marts.
Develop mappings of sources to target databases, including documentation of transformation rules.
Communicate regularly with architects and modelers working in parallel tracks to maintain consistency of models and other deliverables.

Skills and Competencies

Overall from 10+ years of data architecture experience.
Must have excellent communication skills.

Key Skills: Data Architect