Job Description :
The project is one of the most significant project within Microsoft. The engineer will work on creating dashboard (visualization) for Cloud Collaboration Center.
Azure Cloud Collaboration Center is responsible to monitoring health of all cloud services across the regions.
Notifying high severity Impacts and optimizing solution for a greater ROI.
The entire product life cycle consists of data acquisition of all incidents; analyzing the information and showcasing it on the wall over the world Bing map across all Geos and all Service Lines.
The first facility of its kind among major cloud providers, the CCC features a dramatic, 1,600-square-foot video wall that displays the real-time status of Azure, from internal processes and network infrastructure to the health status of customer services. At a glance, engineers can identify potential issues before they become problems — and quickly triage incidents when problems do occur.

The core skills are as follows:

React ( integration with office UI fabric)
D3/ HTML/CSS or C#