Job Description :
Key Responsibilities:
PLATFORM TESTING will be automated and run to certify the platform as being “production
ready”, robust and capable to meet the requirements for the vRAN – including full stack
testing of the platform to cover functional testing, performance testing, stress testing,
resiliency, security and negative testing.
VNF TESTING will cover VNF on-boarding, VNF validation as well as testing features for
FCAPS for life cycle management of VNFs.
vRAN APPLICATION TESTING will ensure that application requirements such as low latency
and high bandwidth can be met.

Required Qualifications:
o Cloud and Infrastructure redundancy, mixed mode operation with Containers and VMs.
o Load and resiliency testing (i.e., Chaos Monkey, kube-monkey, Locust, Heptio Sonobuoy
o Automated testing experience (i.e., Avocado-framework, openQA, Reshifter, Heptio Ark
o Knowledge of OPNFV testing (i.e., Functest, Yardstick, VSPERF, Storperf, QTIP, Bottlenecks,
NFVbench, Cperf, Dovetail
o Acceptance and API testing (i.e., Rally, Tempest, Functest. Robot framework
o Load testing (i.e., Locust, Apache JMeter
o Performance testing (i.e., Bottlenecks, Storperf)
o Portal testing (i.e., Selenium)
o Familiar with 5G standards (3GPP) and aware of disaggregated RAN and distributed core
architecture (RU/DU split, CU-UP/CU-CP aspects)
o Application requirements to support 5G network slicing for eMBB, CMTC, Fixed wireless,
AR/VR, 360 degree video and other use RAN cases and Edge APIs for test suite