Job Description :
Position: Software Engineer
Location: Kansas, KS
Duration: 11 Months
The main function of a software engineer is to design, develop, implement, =
test, and maintain business and computer applications software or specializ=
ed utility programs including mainframe and client/server applications, and=
major enhancement of existing systems.
Job Responsibilities: Fine-tune and improve a variety of sophisticated soft=
ware implementation projects.
Gather and analyze system requirements, document specifications, and develo=
p software solutions to meet client needs and data.
Analyze and review enhancement requests and specifications. Implement syste=
m software and customize to client requirements.
Prepare the detailed software specifications and test plans.
Code new programs to clients specifications and create test data for testin=
Modify existing programs to new standards and conduct unit testing of devel=
oped programs.
Create migration packages for system testing, user testing, and implementat=
Provide quality assurance reviews. Perform post-implementation validation o=
f software and resolve any bugs found during testing.
Skills: Experience with Java, Python, C++ and other programming languages.
Understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and CMSs.
Team player attitude with a willingness to lead when necessary.
Devotion to continuing education on an annual basis.
Performing in-depth troubleshooting and unit testing with both new and lega=
cy production systems.
Problem diagnosis and resolution.
Large systems software design and development.
Education/Experience: Bachelor''s degree in a technical field such as comput=
er science, computer engineering or related field required. 5 to 7 years of=
experience required. A solid foundation in computer science, with strong c=
ompetencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design.