Job Description :
Minimum CCNA skill level. Resource will be needed for a minimum of 12 months as onsite resource to support Network Managed Services working remotely. Primary role will be to support medium to low-level tasks at customer sites in support of IOS upgrades. Work will be done off hours (5PM-8AM but generally 5PM-10PM PST) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Estimated 20 hours per week. In the event a suitable resource cannot be identified part time, or if the hourly rate is high compared to 40 hours per week, we may hire for 40 hours per week and allow customer to utilize the extra 20 hours per week as general staff augmentation. Tasks to support IOS upgrades include Telehealth validation, phone system validation, PC vaidation, and router/switch troubleshooting. In addition to IOS upgrades, customer is loading GOlden Config and Cisco ISE during same downtime window. Resource can support these activities by being onsite to verify netowrk failover is functionoing properly, troubleshooting ISE issues if needed, and recabling if needed. General staff augmentation would include basic administrative taskstasks such as updating configurations, editing ACLs, changing host names, and updating Solarwinds.