Job Description :
Linux Administrator with Hadoop Administration experience. Key responsibilities may include the following:

* Design and implement data storage, schema and partition system as appropriate to Hadoop.
* Identify, assess, and recommend appropriate solutions to advice customer on cluster requirements and any limitations by applying industry best-practices and expertise regarding emerging technologies, risk mitigation, and continuity planning to address back-up and recovery.
* Provide enterprise-level information technology recommendations and solutions in support of customer requirements.
* Securely integrating Kerberos accounts with Active Directory
* Utilizing Identity Management in integrated manner with Active Directory
* Configuring Cloudera Navigator to perform audit operations
* Configuring Apache Sentry to work in Cloudera environment to perform authorization operations
Configuring encryption on Hadoop data at rest and data in transit

* Use customer defined data sources and prototype processes to satisfy proof of concept.
* Develop design patterns for specific data processing jobs.
* Test various scenarios for optimized cluster performance and reporting.
* Prepare and deliver presentations to communicate deployment process for the proof of concept.
* Serve as a point of contact between internal and external customers and program management.
Ensure accurate documentation of technical specifications.