Job Description :
Skills Required for DTE Projects:

Must have:

1. Java FULL stack: Java Streams, Lambda Expressions, Predicate, functional Interface and all other Java 8 features.
2. Spring, Spring Boot & Spring Data JPA
3. JUnit and AssertJ ( for test driven development)
4. Version Control using GIT
5. React.JS for UI
a. JavaScript ES6
b. Mocha and Enzyme for Client side Unit Test Cases (Shallow, Mounting React Components and etc)
c. Google Material UI for Building User Interface
6. IntelliJ for IDE

Good to have:

1. Knowledge of PCF
2. Writing End to End test cases using Selenium

Soft Skills:

1. Understanding of pair programming
2. Understanding of Test driven development
3. Good Understanding of Client Side development basics like (Using React Browser Extension to determine the State and Props.
4. Debugging Client Side Issues using the Network Tabs in Browser (To understand the XHR request better) and using Inspect Element to change elements and styles.