Job Description :
The crux of the role is Core Java. They build Java applications on Hadoop platform. These applications extract and load from various transactional clinical systems (claims, billing, clinical/physician notes Use Java and MapReduce and push data into the applications.
Once the data is in Hadoop they integrate, massage it and make it easier to access for the users and users can build dashboards.
Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) – go through the notes (clinical/physician notes Write java code to extract relevant information for the clinical notes.
Need folks who can do Java (MapReduce) within a Hadoop platform. Should have basic understanding of operating systems, configuration management tools. Running on a Linux platform and they use Eclipse, IntelliJ & GitHUB.
Pretty much core Java, Spring framework does help as they do build some of the UI based applications. Not mandatory though but helpful.
If they know PIG, Big Data, Healthcare knowledge but the core is strong java developer. The more Big Data stuff the better but they have hired strong Java Developer’s w/ no Big Data background who have been great.
Anyone who has done modeling, predictive modeling, R, Spark would be a huge bonus but said do not focus on any of that. They do build the data sets for others to do the analytics. Small data scientist feel to some of what they do but they don’t need full data science background.