Job Description :
Database/Cassandra Admin
Dallas, TX

Interview- Phone & Skype

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Cassandra Admin (with some experience in Oracle DB Tuning and Ignite)

Over 8 years of experience as an Oracle Database Administrator including 4 years of experience as Cassandra Administrator providing 24*7 production database support with Support to developers & end - users on call support & co-ordination with off shore teams.
Extensive knowledge on database administration for ORACLE 12c/11g/10g and Apache Cassandra with experience on large scale database environments.
In depth knowledge of Apache Cassandra and Datastax Enterprise Cassandra
In depth knowledge in Cassandra read, writes paths and internal architecture
Experience with installing, configuring and monitoring Apache Cassandra cluster
Experience in implementing multi-datacenter cluster
Designing data models in Cassandra and working with Cassandra Query Language (CQL)
Experience in creating column Family’s ; bootstrapping, decommissioning, removing, replacing, and repairing nodes
Experience in creating key spaces, tables and secondary indexes in Cassandra
Experience in setting up the required replication factors for key spaces
Implemented Spark solution to generate reports from Cassandra data
Experience in generating user specific reports based on indexed columns using SPARK
Experience in fetching and loading data in Cassandra using Spark
Utilized Cassandra tools including sstableloader,sstable2json and json2sstable, COPY for application data loading and analysis
Experience in Performance tuning Apache Cassandra cluster to optimize writes and reads
Troubleshoot read/write latency and timeout issues in CASSANDRA
Good knowledge on Datastax Search/ Solar in indexing and managing searches.
Good knowledge on Spark SQL, Spark Streaming and Scala.
Hands on experience in Oracle 11g/10g databases with RAC cluster
Good experience in Oracle performance tuning, AWR and Database Security.
Experience in SQL Performance Tuning using Explain Plan, SQL Trace, ADDM, AWR, Optimizer Hints and TKPROF utility.
Any experience with Apache Ignite will be a plus.

Operating Systems: Redhat Linux, CentOS, Unix
Languages: SQL, PLSQL, Shell scripting, CQL, C
Relational Databases: Oracle 12c/11g
NoSQL Databases: Cassandra
Big Data: Hadoop, Spark