Job Description :
We have an exclusive opening with a new client here in Charlotte. must be local enough to Charlotte to interview onsite.

This person also needs to have prior exp working with reporting dev tools. Crystal and Congnos is overkill – they are along the lines of Tableau or something like that. If someone is coming in with a report writing engine like Cognos or Business Objects or Microstrategy they won’t be challenged at all in this role. And he said he does not want to be paying for a skill like that he does not need.

SOFT SKILLS – Need someone who speaks English and can be American, English, Australian he doesn’t care but he does need someone who has a command over the English language who has a command over the American culture so that we don’t upset our customer in any way either culturally or though inappropriate or incorrect language either written or spoken and this person must be clear and well understood by their audience / they must be able to listen well and understand what the customer is trying to tell them. Those are THE important soft skills.

What would you say are your top 3 "must have” skill sets?
o . data analyst, reporting analyst or business intelligence developer (3-5 years
o . the candidate must have customer-facing skills (at least 3 years
o . Excellent communication skills.
What would you say are your top 3 "like to have” skill sets?
o . 5 years of SQL Server development
o .Izenda report development
o . Experience participating on an engineering team.
Interview process – Will an onsite interview be required or would skype will be a fair substitute, or will they be phone screens only? Initial phone screens or Skype ok, ultimately, onsite is required as we will be putting this person in front of our client.