Job Description :
Job Description

As a member of CI/CD Team, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer is
responsible for developing and maintaining:

Distributed container-based platform, that runs CI/CD workloads and
tool integrations
system configuration as code (infrastructure as code)
support pre-production and production applications at scale

· The ideal Cloud Infrastructure Engineer has experience in
running automated production infrastructure in the cloud, such as

· The position offers opportunities for building and designing
a modern, automated platform in the cloud, spanning across multiple
regions around the globe and supporting multiple application
development teams.

Job Responsibilities:

Automate infrastructure deployment
Analyze/monitor workloads, tune the cluster configuration as needed
Be on the front lines in pushing through rigorous testing and tracking
key metrics
Interface with other teams to maintain best practices in cloud
security and automation
Drive to discover and implement the most effective options

Skills Requirements:

5+ years of experience of running and maintaining production infrastructure
3+ years of experience with Docker-Swarm/DCOS Mesos/Kubernetes
Working knowledge of Linux OS basics and troubleshooting
Able to write code in Shell/Bash, Python, Ruby, or similar language
for automation
Knowledge of best practices and experience with Terraform, Ansible.
Experience running and maintaining automated production infrastructure
in AWS and/or Azure
Experience running container management systems (k8s, Mesosphere, ECS)
in production
Clear understanding of information security concepts and best practices
Working knowledge and being able to troubleshoot networks: routing,
subnets, ACLs, site-to-site tunnels

Desired Skills:

Experience with tools administration for Github, Artifactory , Docker
Trusted Registry.
Prior experience with RedHat Gluster FS
Experience as an application developer using Java, C++, Python, Go or
similar language.
Experience of running and maintaining automated CI/CD pipeline
Experience with dependency management and project configuration
(maven, ant, composer, etc
Working knowledge of agile/scrum processes