Job Description :
Job title: iOS/Swift Application and UI Developer
Duration: 12-24 months contract
Location: Sunnyvale CA

Job Summary
Looking for a talented and passionate software engineer Along with excellent skills in object-oriented software design and programming, the successful candidate will have experience developing sophisticated user interfaces in Cocoa Touch. Excellent communication skills are a must, as you will be collaborating closely with other engineers and human interface designers to add new and innovative features.

Your primary responsibility will be high-level UI development, but you''ll often find yourself working at different levels of the stack in order to pull off challenging features. You should feel comfortable moving fluidly from daemon and network programming to framework and application development. You''ll also be responsible for debugging and delivering the best possible application performance

Key Qualifications
· Swift
· Extensive experience with the iOS SDK and Cocoa development
· Experience at the application and user interface level
· Cocoa or Cocoa-Touch development experience
· Passion for product quality and attention to detail
· Excellent communication skills

· BS in Computer Science or equivalent

Please provide answers to the qualifying questions below:

How many yrs of professional exp do you have?
What is your educational background?
What certifications do you hold?
What technical skills are you most proficient in?
How many yrs of exp as a Mobile Apps Developer?
How many yrs of exp as an iOS mobile application developer?
How many iOS applications have you developed from cradle to grave.
How many iOS apps have you developed now sold at the Apple Store?
How many yrs of exp dealing with Apple store.
How many yrs of exp with Objective C?
Using a scale of 1 to 10, rate your Objective C programming skills
How many yrs of exp with Cocoa Touch?
Using a scale of 1 to 10, rate your Cocoa Touch programming skills
How many yrs of Swift programming?
Using a scale of 1 to 10, rate your Swift programming skills
How many yrs of exp with the following:
· Swift 2
· Cocoa
· UI development
· Developing pixel perfect UI
· CoreFoundation
· UIKit
· CoreGraphics
· CoreLocation
· CoreAnimation
· TextKit
· Building Apps with MVC architecture

Are you working?
When can you start on a new project?
What is/was the reason for leaving your current or previous project?
What is/was your current or previous hourly rate?
What is the min hourly rate you will consider?
Will this be on W2 or C2C?
Where are you located?
What is your US legal work status?
If on H1, who is your H1B employer?
If a criminal background check is required, will you have issues with this?