Job Description :
Position : Senior Project Manager with data migration
Location : Lacey WA
Duration : 12+ months

Migration out of Ecology Data,Storage Implementation and Unstructured Data Migration
Description :
1) Under the oversight of Ecology’s Lead Project Manager, plan and oversee implementation of Ecology’s Modernize and Migrate Data Center Project (M&M
2) Support the goals and outcomes of the project’s Executive Steering Committee.
3) Develop, manage, and update the project plan and other common PM artifacts (to include Communication Plan, Risk Planning, Stakeholder register, Resource Planning, etc
4) Develop, manage, and update (as needed) the execution of the Project Schedule to ensure project scope and timelines are met.
5) Provide management oversight of project budget, to include regular status reporting to the Steering Committee.
6) Facilitate the Change Order process with Ecology’s Lead Project Manager.
7) Complete development and delivery of the monthly project Status Report and their placement on the OCIO dashboard.
8) Assist the Project team in identifying project risks and mitigation strategies, and track the action plans associated with those strategies to include maintaining the project Risk Register.
9) Work with the Manager of the Architecture and Project Management Section, Ecology Lead Project Manager, and the Executive Steering Committee to establish a response plan and track progress for all of the External Quality Assurance (QA) contractor’s recommendations.
10) Meet monthly with the Project’s Executive Steering Committee to discuss project status,issues, risks, QA recommendations, etc.
11) Facilitate and document meetings and track outcomes, decisions, and action items/commitments from meetings.
12) Collaborate with the project’s Communication Manager to enhance the project’s current communication plan and in the development of project communications.
13) Review project and any related operational processes that could be improved by implementing any relevant lean or agile strategies. Make recommendations and assist with implementation efforts.
14) Review and contribute to other statements of work for other services related to the M&M Project.
15) Review project work efforts, and develop and manage any potential OCM strategies or processes that might be needed.
16) Transfer project management, including lean and agile methodologies, and organizational change management knowledge to Ecology project team members throughout the project.
17) Collaborate with Ecology Business Analyst to develop end-user Training Plan for SharePoint Online.

Responsibilities :
Seeking expert level IT Project Management and Organizational Change Management(OCM) services for the Modernize and Migrate State Data Center (M&M) project.
Knowledge on Washington Department of Ecology(EDC Migration out of the Ecology Data Center (EDC):These include implementing an unstructured data storage strategy, migration of line of business applications, and transition to SharePoint Online.
SDC Storage Implementation and Unstructured Data Migration:This migration effort comes at the same time that the hardware and software running
Ecology’s data center is at or nearing its end-of-life and is ready for replacement.
Application Migration to the Washington State Data Center (SDC):This includesten environmental programs and three Information Technology Services Office (ITSO) teamsthat support financial, human resources (HR), and cross-agency applications.
SharePoint Online Implementation:Ecology must develop and submit, to the OCIO by May 2019, a plan to transition to SharePoint Online. The plan should include security and user access, integration with future ECM technologies (ECM pilot project will commence first quarter 2019), migration of Ecology
Intranet/Extranet, and migration of all unstructured content currently stored in Ecology’s on-premises SharePoint 2016 environment. Implementation of the plan will commence in fiscalyear 2020 and will be completed no later than June 30, 2021. It is anticipated that the transition from on premise SharePoint 2016 to SharePoint Online will require significant OCM related planning and execution.