Job Description :
84 months experience gathering requirements, planning and implementing Thin Client deployments.

84 months experience organizing documentation and creating document repository structures.

84 months experience implementing large-scale projects.

24 months experience designing and implementing automated user account management solutions for a Windows Server environment, including Active Directory provisioning.

48 months experience with physical network connections including patch panels, switches and interconnectivity.

24 months experience administering end user applications. Example: PearsonVue Access 21st Century, GED 21st Century or ReadOn! Educational software suites.

24 months experience troubleshooting and testing application security. Example: Westlaw’s Premise Legal Research application.

24 months hands-on experience implementing Digital Persona identity management tools in an MS Active Directory environment.

48 months experience implementing and managing Microsoft Office.

24 months experience in administration and design of a document share. Example: SharePoint.