Job Description :
Job Title : Websphere Portal Developers

Location : Miami FL

Roles & Responsibilities:

* At least 5 years of experience in Development and testing of WebSpher=
e Portal application (version 7 or 8) with experience in modules like Java,=
J2EE, JSR-168, JSR-268, WSRP, WCM API.
* At least 3-5 years experience in Rational Application Developer (RAD)=
or Eclipse based IDE.
* At least 2 year experience in WebSphere Portal theme development. Fam=
iliar with modular theme development and uses of profiles.
* Ability to install and configure application in WebSphere Portal and =
related Products.
* Ajax experience, including developing or working with Web Services (R=
ESTful, SOAP or otherwise)
* 4+ years experience in Web Technologies including HTML5, XML, CSS , J=
avaScript, dojo and JQuery.
* Knowledge of WebSphere Portal System Administration (xmlAccess, Relea=
se builder and Security)
* Understanding of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) processes and =
associated tooling such as Rational tool suite.
* Ability to assess and optimize code for efficient performance and und=
erstanding of performance tuning for enterprise solutions.
* Understanding IBM Web Experience Factory.
* Understanding IBM Web Content Manager and how it relates to portal pa=
* Ability to create content in Web Content manager using Authoring and =
presentation templates.
* Understanding of various WCM components and their usage depending on =
the use case.
* Understanding design patterns and development frameworks.
* Strong debugging and problem solving skills
Preferred Skills
* In addition to WebSphere Portal experience, we would prefer an indivi=
dual who has experience with the following:
* Extensive experience in user interface technologies =96 Angular (vers=
ion 1.x & 2+), Typescript, JavaScript, ES6, Sass, Webpack, HTML5.
* In depth knowledge of CSS Preprocessor SASS or LESS
* Solid understanding of user interactions required for Single-Page App=
* Strong knowledge and experience with designing and developing views, =
controllers, services, and directives.
* Extensive experience in designing and developing Restful services
* Understand the SEO strategies in SPA
* Have some experience or understanding of pre-rending or server side r=
endering concepts in Angular