Job Description :
Job Description for webMethods / SAG - Cloud
Key Skills
Architecture concept on Single Tenant and Multi-tenant.
webMethods cloud integration and webMethods API cloud implementation.
Understanding and development of Containers and Micro services.
SDLC cycle implementation (New development and Enhancements)
Investigation, analysis, and resolution of all production problems
webMethods Cloud integration and API Cloud
Concepts on Micro services
Integration Server
webMethods Trading Networks
Broker / Universal messaging
JMS, MQ, SAP/JDBC adapters
My webMethods Server
Pub sub Model design pattern
webservices implementation
SFTP/FTP design patterns
Business to Business Design (B2B) and EAI
Error handling Mechanism
Experience on Unit testing, regression and load testing
webMethods BPM
webMethods Deployer
Other pre requisites
Good communication/Business skills.