Job Description :
Web Developer
Little Rock, AR
6 Months

Duties and Responsibilities
Monitor the progress of data submission cycles
Respond to reports of problems
Perform debugging of programming code
Perform analysis on data to detect causes of build and validate errors
Perform alterations to programming code as needed to correct problems
Perform alterations to ASP pages to correct deficiencies
Respond to requests for changes
Add new programming code to implement new requirements
Alter programming code to remove elements no longer needed
Maintain appendix data records
Alter structure of data tables to add needed new columns
Review processes to detect opportunities for improvement
Perform alterations to ASP pages to implement enhancements
Deploy code to UAT, QA and Production environments
Author and maintain documentation of processes
Ensure cycle programs are accurate
Mentor in-house staff with proper troubleshooting skills

Masters’ Degree in Computer Science/Information Systems or Computer Applications.
12 Plus years’ experience in programming, database and Information Technology field.

Special Requirements
Hands-on prior experience with Arkansas K-12 Educational data.
Extensive knowledge of the ADESIS web site and related processes and databases.
Extensive knowledge of source databases in the Financial and Student management systems.
Expertise with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and programming in CNET, VB.NET and ASP.NET.
Expertise with development of Web Services, WCF Services, Windows Services and, its support.
Expertise with Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2014.

Skills:Programming, Web Application Development, CNet, VB.Net, ASP.Net, MS SQL Server, Arkansas K-12 Education Data,