Job Description :
Build a user interface.
2. Utilize best practices for web development.
3. Innovate on tools and processes that simplify and expedite achieving our goals.
4. Collaborate with other engineers to guarantee high-quality standards are met as early as possible.
5. Ensure our work is at Microsoft standards.

1. Three+ years of professional software development, and at least one year of experience in Cloud based software development.
2. The ideal candidate has experience in ReactJS, HTML, CSS, and familiarity with Azure.
3. Ability to design, code, debug, and manage time wisely.
4. Excellent communication skills and ability to engage and influence stakeholders across teams.
5. Ability to collaborate effectively with other team members, Project Managers, and internal and external partners.
6. Great problem-solving and user experience skills, and possession of a data and metric-driven mind set.

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Previous Microsoft Experience helpful, but not required.
2. Knowledge of CosmosDB or similar NoSQL databases.
3. Ability to work with Web API developed with C