Job Description :
User Interface Senior Engineer - United States
Round Rock, TX 78682
3 months CTH

Candidates must be W2 and able to work onsite. This role will be one of the first team members of a AI team being built. Strong likely hood of going perm Must have designed application architecture that has scaled across multiple end user persona''s and provided a clean experience with graphical analysis capabilities for desktop, tablet, notebook, and mobile form factors. Must have Git Hub experience and comfort with version control procedures. JavaScript, D3, Node.js, Angular.js, HTML5, CSS, AJAX experience.

User Interface Developer

Dell EMC is building a modern Data Driven AI application to support a multi-billion dollar business segment. We require a candidate that is able to design a modern front end architecture for various business requirements. The application architecture will need to scale across multiple end user persona''s and provide a clean experience with graphical analysis capabilities for desktop, tablet, notebook, and mobile form factors. We expect the candidate to be able to creatively design and develop an architecture that is user-friendly, secure, scalable, and modular. We require the candidate to design and implement a system that will enhance the end users workflow and provide significant business value in the form of ease of use, increased efficiency, and profitability. The candidate must possess a high degree of object oriented and functional programming skill. We seek a candidate that has developed and deployed an enterprise class front end system successfully into production. Our project requires the candidate to be prepared to work in a high pressure environment at times with tight deployment schedules and multiple stakeholder oversight. The candidate must be able to communicate effectively, document all code, and present concepts and ideas clearly to an Executive audience. The candidate must be able to function as part of an integrated software development team.

Day to Day:
Develop and implement a high quality, easy to use, secure front end system into production. Design and collaborate within an integrated development team as business requirements are discovered, refined, and implemented across multiple end user personas. Maintain a professional attitude at all times, provide thought leadership, and display problem solving skills. Be prepared to present 1x1 or in a group setting.

Bachelor''s Degree Required (Computer Science or MIS Preferred
Fluent with Object Oriented software design methodologies and understands UML design principles.
Must have Git Hub experience and comfort with version control procedures.
JavaScript, D3, Node.js, Angular.js, HTML5, CSS, AJAX experience or similar.

ACCOUNTABILITIES Translates data into usable design solutions and leverages results to spark focused design efforts. Integrates Human Factors Engineering principles to the design & development process, accounting for perceptual, physical, and cognitive abilities in the usage of products & services. Produces specifications, standards, user requirements, as applied to Product Design and Development. Represents the needs &preferences of the end user throughout the design and development process. Has broad accountability of the user experience, from initial set-up/ install (out of box experience) through the product lifecycle. Defines & executes the necessary behavioral studies to guide the design process (e.g., yielding both qualitative and quantitative data Performs a variety of data analysis techniques to surface insights that are actionable and can be applied to the design process. Works with cross-functional development teams to design products (Engineering, Marketing, Quality, etc. Delivers the necessary artifacts to capture the intended user experience to implementation/engineering entities (e.g., specifications, guidelines, prototypes, UI designs, etc. Presents test results to development teams and executive leadership to guide and drive the business in accordance to corporate strategies. RESPONSIBILITIES Trusted across disciplines in developing, committing to and executing to established processes. Using established relationships to monitor vendorÂ?s work and progress against assigned tasks. Alerts leadership as issues arise. Able to effectively communicate project status and issues to cross-functional core team members. Validates what needs to be delivered. Can anticipate issues and proactively ask for clarity. Provides feedback on feasibility. Volunteers for responsibilities beyond their assigned tasks. Not afraid to say what needs to be said to extended team members. Learning to gauge risk and practicality and express opinion. Executes prescribed tasks with minimal guidance and solicits input & assistance as necessary from mentors/Sr staff. Demonstrates competency with technical tools-of-the-trade. Demonstrates ability to function independently on multi-disciplinary teams, execute on project requirements, and faithfully represent Experience Design Group''s (EDGÂ?s) strategic initiatives.