Job Description :
We have urgent requirements for UI Developer at Arden, DE.
Roll Name : UI Developer
Location : Arden, DE
Experience: 10+
Duration : 12 Months

Skills Required:-
10+ years overall experience in UI development
Experience in AJAX
Hands-on strong programming experience in Angular JS, JavaScript, CSS, Node JS, and server side frameworks and Data mapping tools
Experience with jQuery and jQuery plugins and extensive experience JavaScript (client side and server side)
Experience in creating REST APIs using Node.js
Experience with Open Source tools and intetrating Node Js / Angular JS with Webservers
A solid understanding of using Git and GitHub
Extensive experience with responsive CSS, especially in the context of designing and building responsive application UIs
A good understanding of client-side performance tuning, security and optimization (caching, CDNs, request management, cookies, http, https, etc
Knowledge of HTTP; methods, requests, responses, headers and caching, SSL integration (https)
Perform object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD), applying industry best practices and techniques
Working knowledge of SQL and database-stored procedures
Extensive experience in using ORM tools (like oracle-orm, sequelize-oracle, node-oracle dB etc on Node JS to connect to oracle DBs
Experience in persisting database to RDBMS (Oracle, SQL) using ORM on server side
Experience in working in an agile environment / Scrum or Kanban methodology