Job Description :
Must Have Skills: React, React Native, Redux, Flux, Java Script, HTML 4.0/5, XHTML, CSS2/CSS3 and Ajax. Experience in various UI widgets using JavaScript libraries like Angular.js, React.js and Node.js, Karma, Jasmin

Desired Skills: _ Web-pack, Babel, Grunt, Gulp, Integration with third party UI plugins, Github or bitbucket.

Project Details:

Application is a Fulfillment system that process customer orders and fulfill in store. This application has several components that would help to facilitate to fulfill the order at store based on the customer preferred date and items place in the order. User Interface of this mobile device based application is developed based on React, Angular JS technologies. UI heavily uses REST based services for all operations at the store through the mobile devices.

Job Roles / Responsibilities:

Resource will be working as a senior UI developer building the front end using the above mentioned technologies. Resource will write the test cases for the development task and test them through mobile device by deploying on by themselves and validate the changes. Resource will be responsible for design, documentation and drive through till production install. Sometimes, resource will have to debug some of the production issues as when needed and fix any of those by identifying solution for the problem.

1) Developer with at least 5 years of experience in UI development with hands on experience.
2) Experience in mobile application development like mobile web or mobile app
Looking forward to work with you