Job Description :
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Kindly go through the requirement and let me know if you are comfortable with the Skill Set. Reply with employer’s details.
Position: Machine Learning/NLP Engineer
Location: Fremont, CA
Duration: Long-term
Leading cutting edge development in NLP and machine learning algorithms and techniques
Up to date with latest developments and technologies in the field
Deep understanding of the problems in Chatbots and NLP such as language modelling, intent recognition, and entity extraction and their solutions
Strong programming skills in Java and Python especially in working with Machine Learning and Deep Learning Libraries
Ability to quickly develop prototypes, implement complete solutions for real world chatbot NLP problems with quick turn around time
Vast experience with open source libraries including Stanford Core NLP, NLTK, Spacy and have a good understanding of the underlying algorithms
Industrial experience with best practices building, deploying and operationalizing deep learning models and working on a chatbot in a commercial product
3-5 years of experience working on an NLP application
Strong communication skills and good team player
The client here is Persistent System Inc: Wells Fargo.
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