Job Description :
Role: Oracle DBA with Cloud
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Duration: 12+months
Interview: Phone+ Skype

Job description:-
· 5+ Years of Oracle-DB Database Experience in a Linux Environment with On-prem and AWS
· It’s a 24x7 support so we need candidates who are flexible to rotate with on-call during non-business hours as needed
· Oracle DB - DML Operations, Data Modeling, Design of DB objects, partitioning,
· Experience with physical DB creation, access control, security implementation, index creation, and debugging query execution to obtain optimum database performance
· Excellent understanding of various Oracle-DB database design patterns and physical architectures for different use cases
· Data backup using RMAN and various other physical and logical backup strategies.
· Detecting performance problems from Application and DB layers
· Automate routine tasks with your own scripts and open-source tools
· Schema Design – working with Application/Development team
· Query fine tuning
· Shell scripts for Monitoring like ‘slow queries’, Golden-Gate replication lag, nodes fails, disk usage etc.
· Backup and restores (Backups should be automated with shell scripts/Ops Manager)
· Database Health check (Complete review of Database slow queries, fragmentation, index usage, etc
· Index rebuilds.
· Upgrades (OS and DB patches, version upgrades)
· Disk usage, CPU, Memory check Alerting
· Database Hardening
· Designing DR (Disaster Recovery)/COB (Continuity of Business) plans as applicable
· Database Profiling, Locks, Memory Usage, No of connections, page fault etc.,
· Monitoring of Various issues related with Database
· Setup, Monitoring and troubleshooting of Oracle Golden-gate replication.
· In-depth knowledge on optimizing data replication using classic and /or integrated extracts, pumps.
· Database software Installation and Configuration in accordance with Client defined standards
· Database Migrations and Updates
· Capacity management
· Hands on experience in Server Performance tuning and Recommendations
· Hands on experience in Root cause analysis for business impacting issues
· Use of Oracle DBs under BYOL model in AWS platform.
· Optimization of backups and redundancy across AWS availability zones/regions.
· In-depth understanding of RDS and some familiarity with AWS native DB systems like: Dynamo DB, Aurora DB, etc
· Understanding of persistent and ephemeral storage volumes
· Optimization of EC2 instance type and DB storage requirements depending on Application functionality
· Concepts and implementation of private subnets, CIDR, Networking concepts
· Use of Direct Connect and working in Hybrid environment setup.