Job Description :
Planning and designing Linux server provisioning.
Installing, configuring and maintaining Linux Servers ( RHEL, SUSE, Solaris
Planning and designing High availability solution around Linux /Veritas Cluster/HP.
Installation and configuration of HA environment using Linux or Veritas Cluster.
Configuration and administration of Linux and Veritas logical volume manager.
Installing and Maintaining Linux Kickstart / AI environment.
Patch and Package administration: Satellite Server, Yum.
Writing shell scripts to accomplish day to day system administration task.
Configuring and supporting HP C7000 Chassis, HP Blades/proliant/Rack Mount, IBM, Dell x86 Servers.
Troubleshooting Hardware and Operating system related issue.
Administer and configure various FS like Ext3/4, VxFS, XFS, Pseudo FS.
Installation, configuration and management of Network bonding and I/O Multipathing.
Capacity planning and fine tune system for optimal performance.
Understanding of SAN and NAS storage.
Should possess knowledge of Storage and Network towers.
Administration of NIS or LDAP environment.
Configuring Unix Security baseline.
Performance Management & fine tuning.
Experience in System Fault Tolerance Design, Business continuity and Disaster recovery planning.
Vendor(OEM) Coordination to Troubleshoot and fix HW issues, co-ordination, install H/W, Firmware Planning.
Work on Problem management case (Collecting re-occurring incidents
Advance patch Management for large count UNIX/Linux Servers in Enterprise Data Center using Satellite/opsware/BladeLogic.
Advance Cluster set up using IO fencing, More than 3 nodes, Enterprise Storage Access. Multiple Fail Over scenario, geo Cluster, Across Chasis, custom Application service Group.
UNIX Virtual servers (LPAR,LDOM,HP-VM,KVM) Architecture Design including H/W, Resource Assignation etc.
Planning and Testing Disaster recovery solution.
Server Migration planning for P2P, P2V,V2V.
problem Analysis and Resolution for mass issue and latest technology upgrade in environment based on business goals.
Architecture design for HLD, LLD, BOM finalization for Enterprise Data center Server hosting.
Advance Job Automation on enterprise/critical servers with significant business impact.
Enterprise level Server Storage Configuration of DAS, SAN & NAS, ISCSI with redundant fault tolerance set up, high performance impact.
Experience with Linux servers in virtualized environments(RHEV
Familiarity with the fundamentals of Linux scripting languages(shell or python
Experience installing, configuring, and maintaining services such as Bind, Apache, MySQL, Nis, LDAP etc.
Strong grasp on configuration management tools, such as CFEngine.
Familiarity with load balancing, firewalls, etc.
Proficient with network tools such as iptables, Linux Selinux, etc.
Experience on VMware Virtualization.
Ability to build and monitor services on production servers.
Knowledge of servers, switches, ILO, OA etc.
Good hands on experience on service now(SNOW) ticketing tool.
Server configuration management through CFENGINE tool.
Managing NIS multi master environment. NIS activities like user management , password management , managing NIS maps . Managing auto mount. Creating scripts for managing users locally in NIS master. Experience on Redhat satellite server required . Customized channel creation , satellite channel synchronization .
LDAP /Open Ldap management /configuration. Master /Slave configuration.
Deep Cluster maintenance /Trouble shooting knowledge and experience required for. HPService Guard ,SUSE HA , VCS ,Redhat HA and Pace maker . Cluster patching activities .
Storage /Multipathing related maintenance experience like Configuring customized multipathing respective to Storage.
Scripting knowledge for required.
Services like SAMBA/NFS/FTP related configuration and troubleshooting experience required. Integration SAMBA with AD with KARBEROS .
Server Provisioning with automated way like Kick Start and other automated tools.
Deeper knowledge of Linux security /hardening required.
Worked on Production systems .
Datacenter understanding.
Experience with Server Migration, Installation, Upgrades and Patching