Job Description :
Resource Tasks:

1. Centrally Manage all user accounts to satisfy audit requirements.
2. Provide detailed auditing of all tasks executed on all NGDI servers.
3. Utilize RBAC to provide a higher level of security and maintain compliance with all the regulatory bodies.
4. Configure solution according to standards to ensure proper operations.
5. Provide the ability to have secure authentication without entering passwords with emphasis on the DMZ.
6. Limit attack vectors in the event that a breach may occur.

Unix System Administration Highly desired 5years

Experience in creation, maintenance, and execution of system/administrative scripts such as Bash, Python, Power Shell- Required 7 years.

Experience with creation of scripts in Ansible to automate software provisioning, configuration management and application deployment- Required 2 years.

Experience in deploying and administering storage hardware or logical storage arrays -Required 7 years.

Experience working in a Devops or Secops capacity in a 1000+ server environment - Required 7 years
Experience with working with CICD, containers, Docker, Kubernetes and/or OpenShift deployments and support- Required 2 years

Experience installing, configuring, and administering Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Required 7 years

Experience resolving intermediate issues with Configuration Management and Networking concepts

Experience in performing security testing such vulnerability assessments or penetration tests to identify security misconfigurations or vulnerable sof

Experience in remediating security issues identified by vulnerability assessments or penetration tests -Required 7 years
Ability to design, implement and operate systems with adherance to industry compliance such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO and identify policy violations