Job Description :
Unix Centrify Architect
Dimondale, MI
12 Months

Interviews to take place: week of December 17th; please do not submit candidates who cannot facilitate these specific dates/times

Job Description:
Advanced experience in architecting infrastructure solutions including proven experience with infrastructure integration.
During the initial evaluation of the Centrify product the following business objectives were given and agreed upon by DTMB and MCS as requirements for the purchase of the product. We have attached and installed Centrify and connected Linux servers to Active Directory. The following tasks are needed to be completed to satisfy the agreed upon Business Objectives.

Resource Tasks:
1. Centrally Manage all user accounts to satisfy audit requirements.
2. Provide detailed auditing of all tasks executed on all NGDI servers.
3. Utilize RBAC to provide a higher level of security and maintain compliance with all the regulatory bodies.
4. Configure solution according to standards to ensure proper operations.
5. Provide the ability to have secure authentication without entering passwords with emphasis on the DMZ.
6. Limit attack vectors in the event that a breach may occur.

1. Task: Update all servers with the appropriate DNS settings and validate that both forward and reverse lookup entries are created in the NGDS Domain
This is to ensure proper operations. Pointing the servers to the correct DNS servers and populating the reverse DNS ensures that industry standards are adhered to and that we limit potential outages

2. Task: Configure Kerberos authentication on all Linux servers so that there is no password keyed in at the time of logon. This will mitigate the passwords staying resident in memory where they can be retrieved by scraping the memory
Kerberos authentication – this was one of the requirements when we first were rolling out Centrify. Kerberos authentication means that passwords are not entered into the endpoint which protects against password theft through memory scraping.

3. Task: Configure Centrify Zone Provisioning agent. This is the automated provisioning of users and groups into Centrify for granting permissions for accessing servers.
This automatically adds and removes users from the Centrify system. This reduces potential human errors during deploy and the auto removal ensures security holes are closed when a user is removed

4. Task: Install Centrify Agent on all windows servers in NGDI. Configure and validate video
To reduce the chance of pivot attacks in windows we install Centrify on Windows and configure RBAC. With domain accounts the likely hood of a pivot attack after a breach is quite high.

5. Task: Remove user access from launching a console session through BladeLogic.
This is a breach in separation of duties. Unfortunately, in its current configuration the administrators of BSA have the ability to grant themselves access to data. Secondly the administrators are all connecting to the servers as root through the nsh that BladeLogic provides

6. Task: Upgrade all Centrify components to the latest code.
This would be to gain the enhancements in the newer versions, bug fixes and to provide any security patches that come with the upgrade

7. Task: Develop and Configure Roles in Centrify for granting appropriate access to servers based on job function. (DBA, Sysadmin, WebAdmin, WASAdmin….etc
Too many loose privileges leave countless back doors for potential attackers. The RBAC will tighten up privileges and reduce potential attack vectors

8. Task: Fix Licensing server in Zone 1.49
There was a change in the licensing service within Centrify. There should only be one license server per forest. Currently there are 2 in Zone 1.49

Required Skills:
Unix System Administration – Highly desired 5 Years
Experience in creation, maintenance, and execution of system/administrative scripts such as Bash, Python, Power Shell – Required 7 Years
Experience with creation of scripts in Ansible to automate software provisioning, configuration management and application deployment – Required 2 Years
Experience in deploying and administering storage hardware or logical storage arrays – Required 7 Years
Experience working in a Devops or Secops capacity in a 1000+ server environment – Reuired 7 years
Experience with working with CICD, containers, Docker, Kubernetes and/or OpenShift deployments and support – Required 2 years
Experience installing, configuring, and administering Red Hat Enterprise Linux – Required 7 Years
Experience resolving intermediate issues with Configuration Management and Networking concepts – Required 7 years
Experience in performing security testing such vulnerability assessments or penetration tests to identify security misconfigurations or vulnerable sof – Required 7 years
Experience in remediating security issues identified by vulnerability assessments or penetration tests – Required 7 years
Ability to design, implement and operate systems with adherance to industry compliance such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO and identify policy violations or s – Required 7 years